Brady Legler

Brady Legler’s palette is as bright and vibrant as any Impressionist painting. Bold strokes and unexpected color combinations give the abstract works a sense of depth and movement. The paintings can vary in mood from the raw and spontaneous to the thoughtful and serene. In 2010, while studying at Parsons The New School in New York, Brady began exploring the relationship between pigments and application methods, creating stunning, large format exercises in color, texture and depth. The results were at once organic and highly expressive. Brady compares his paintings with the nature of human emotion: layered, complex and multihued. While keeping up with the demands of student life at Parsons and a burgeoning career as a sought-after artist, Brady decided to use the proceeds from his painting sales to launch two additional ventures: a fine jewelry brand and a line of handmade wool and silk rugs crafted in Nepal. His art, fine jewelry and rugs have sold worldwide, and samples of his work have appeared in Vogue, Elle Décor, Elle, Elle Canada, Modern, Hunger TV UK, 1st Dibs, The New York Times, GQ, Lucky, Paradis, Grazia France, Hospitality Design, the Robb Report, IN Kansas City and Spaces. “The continual shift of infinite patterns and colors is both invigorating and calming to me. The beauty I find in abstractionism, I also find in symmetry. I think my work incorporates both. I love exploring the infinity of patterns and color.”  The 33-year-old artist travels globally for inspiration and resides in New York City and Kansas City. @bradylegler

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