Marlène Delcambre

I am a French photographer and a visual artist, i use photography and video as a medium for a narration of my sensibility of the world around me.

I make self-portrait and proceed with an analytical staging, tinged with irony, poetry, or absurdity.

I want with my photography give emotions and make people laugh through stories that we can relate to.

For me, self-portraying is not just a dialogue with myself, but a dialogue with the spectator.


My photographs have been exhibited in Paris, London, New-york in Art Gallery and Art Fair.


After studying neuropsychology in Tours, I moved to Paris and began to take an interest in photography. I showed some portraits at Studio Harcourt and thanks to my work I began a training in their studio as a photographer.


Influenced by my expertise in psychiatry and neuropsychology, I became known for my series "From the dissonance of time to silence" and "Phantasmagoria of absence" where I stage characters by playing on their physical presence and not psychic in pictorial settings. In some of my series, I appear anonymously among my characters.


In my personal works, I focus on the self-portrait and become my only character.

I transform myself physically and I put myself on stage to denounce, make people laugh and move


The black line” and “The rhythmic ideal in the coincidence with oneself” totally obscure the psychic aspect to focus on my graphic position in space.

I am no longer just a coincidence with the stage set.

The line appears, the person disappears 

The synchronicity of the subjects and bodies form a single black line

La baigneuse” denounces in a clip and a series of images the problem of water waste in the world through.


"1984" is a series where I caricature and denounce the world


I put myself on stage for my first collaboration with the art dealer François Laffanour and the artist Olivier Urman in the house of Jean Prouvé, in an event for the Fiac.


I won the Prize Objectif Femmes at the town hall of the 9th arrondissement of Paris with my series "La Defense"

I won the ADAGP prize for my series "it's going to be fine" in which I stage myself in a hotel with a pop scene and absurd gestures

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