Mauro Bergonzoli

Mauro Bergonzoli

Italian Contemporary Artist born December 24th 1965, Milan, Italy


The Italian Artist Mauro Bergonzoli was born in Milan on December 24th, 1965. In his father's engraving studio, he learned the craft of precision and draftsmanship as a young boy. At the age of 14, his teacher discovered his extraordinary artistic talent. Soon he was sent to art school and began selling his comics and artwork. Bergonzoli was quickly recruited by advertising agencies in Milan. A 25-year long career as creative director in commercial and animation films for companies like Ferrero and Geox followed. Bergonzoli finally broke free in 2000 to dedicate himself exclusively to the creation of his original artwork. Successful exhibitions followed in galleries, fairs and museums in cities such as Portofino, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Hong Kong, Milan, St. Moritz, Miami, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Bologna, Ravenna, Augsburg and Venezia.

Bergonzoli paintings tell stories of love and celebrate the beauty of life. His style is both playful and sophisticated, contemporary and “old-school”. The artist creates works bursting with good vibrations and hand-paints every canvas solely by himself, with no Atelier assistants. He lives and works in his "Bavarian Giverny"- the Country Atelier outside Munich where he receives art collectors from around the globe. Bergonzoli is best known for his modern “Canaletto-esque” interpretations of Venice. With his signature NEO-POP style, he shows the ancient merchant city in all her glory and splendour, omitting the current contamination and pollution through mass tourism. He also loves to paint water lilies, fashionable women, beautiful architecture, majestic horses and desirable cars. "I have many visions to paint so I use acrylic instead of oil paints. It’s faster and environment friendly."

With his signature eye symbol, Bergonzoli invites his viewer to keep an open mind, observe the world like a child and focus on what is really there. "I believe a personal point of view is essential to keeping creative thoughts and ideas alive. “His "magic bunny” character appears randomly in his paintings and signifies love, productivity, fun and pleasure.

In 2019 Yoko Ono chose Mauro Bergonzoli’s art concept "Acqua Alta" - message in a bottle – to be included in her Museum Exhibition "Peace is Power" in Leipzig, Germany. Bergonzoli created the glass sculpture in Murano, Italy with Archimede Seguso and hand painted it with liquid chrome.

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