Rabab Tantawy

Rabab is an Egyptian, self-taught artist living in Dubai for the past 17 years. As a child, she grew up watching her mother draw and make things with her hands every single day and that’s how she learned to work with a free spirit. Years later she started to take painting lessons and developed her own style. She is inspired by artists like Paul Guiragossian and Henri Matisse, and is always on the search for new inspiration. The creation of her art is a rather intuitive and discovering process. Rabab has an artistic passion and channeled her energy into expressing her passion and love for Egyptian and African heritage art. She takes inspiration from African influences and socio-political events to create contemporary iconic and reflective art pieces using a variety of mixed-media. Rabab has worked on murals and multiple installations. Her work has been displayed at Quoz Art Festival in 2019, been commissioned by the Arts Council of Dubai in celebration of the UAE’s 48th National day in 2019 and most notably, her work being featured at World Art Dubai in 2019 and 2021.

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