Trevor Mezak

Trevor Mezak is a mixed media artist based
in Southern California, working in a studio he
built himself. Largely self-taught, he draws
inspiration from his early experiences with his
father, when he learned to use tools and to
work with his own hands. Since then, Mezak
has channelled his daredevil personality into
a body of work that aims to create a tactile
conversation between what is manufactured
and what is naturally found in the
The materials with which Mezak
works—reclaimed wood, concrete slabs,
metal, nails, screws, gunpowder—are more familiar to construction sites but are
ultimately transformed into abstract, painterly gestures of pure texture. A
devoted surfer who regularly tests prototype boards and is sponsored by
Hurley, Mezak’s connection with the unpredictability and power of the ocean
translates into his artistic practice. The exchange of energy, whether it be using
power tools or a palette knife, is what unites Mezak’s personal experience with
his surroundings.

Mezak has been recognized for his collaborations with Collector’s Editions and
Disney Fine Art, and he has exhibited nationally over the years. He is currently
expanding his abstract, textural work.

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